The Second Lull

7 Jul

It’s been too long since I posted, and for that I apologize. It actually took me a week or two to work the bad taste out of my mouth after my last entry. It can be hard to keep up a positive vibe in the face of relentless ickiness, but I’m committed to trying. Nonetheless, no recent pop culture happenings have inspired me to wax rhapsodic. I haven’t even seen Bridesmaids yet. I know, bad feminist blogger.

I do have a couple of interesting projects in the pipeline, though. One is a piece on women who love Sherlock Holmes – not just the pretty, pretty actors who portray the character, but the Arthur Conan Doyle books and stories, the countless pastiches, and the many filmed versions of all those stories. Female Sherlockians have traditionally been thin on the ground, but thanks to the Internet a whole new force is blooming.

I also have a piece on the legacy of Harry Potter. By way of foreshadowing, I give you an image from Barnes & Noble’s midnight release party for Deathly Hallows: a young girl, about ten, holding a freshly-purchased, 759-page, hardcover book aloft like a trophy, shouting “Yes!” *English teacher swoon* Let’s talk about the girls, shall we? (Once I finish sobbing over the final film.)

See you next week.

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