Is This Thing On?

9 Aug

A woman walks up to a microphone. Taps it a few times.

“Is this thing on?” It isn’t. She flips the switch. Feedback squeals.

She says, “Hello?” It echoes through the empty theater. That won’t do.


It’s been a while.

In my last post, “Curtain Call,” I said goodbye to 2000 Irises while I worked on “some new, pretty time-consuming projects.” Three years later, I’m happy to announce that my “projects” have flourished beautifully. I opened a business in digital marketing, and now I spend my days creating content, copywriting, and managing social accounts for businesses and non-profits. I even have an employee. Yep. I went from part-time college professor to business woman in three short years. It’s been quite a ride.

Lately though, 2000 Irises has been calling to me. The topics I was exploring in this blog never stopped being interesting, I just didn’t have the time to keep the blog updated. Nonetheless, there’s still plenty to say, plenty of good examples of feminist pop culture happening, and I’ve got an itch to write about them again. So I’ve decided to take another crack at it and reopen the blog. I’m not promising a post a week, but then, I never really managed that anyway.

So welcome back, and I’ll see you soon with a brand-spanking new blog about Mindy Kaling, who I’ve been dying to write about for three years now. If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch a few episodes of The Mindy Project, and you’ll see why.


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