The Goddess Iris

Iris, 2011 Mixed Media by Melissa Washburn

Iris isn’t only an object: not only the brilliant machinery of your eye, not only a gaudy spring flower. Iris is a she, a Goddess: the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow, of words, and of communication. A winged child of sea and cloud and a favorite of Hera, Iris carried messages for the Olympians and bravely intervened on behalf of all manner of beings in need. She embodies the power of language, strength in action, and spectacular possiblities.

“Iris violently snatched up a dangerous firebrand, swung back with her right hand strongly, waved it aloft and then hurled it … But now, spreading her wings, the goddess took off from earth, describing a rainbow arc under the clouds as she flew.”
–Virgil, Aeneid

For more information, please visit Theoi Greek Mythology.

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